Griffin Open Systems offers a platform for building rule and model based systems that can be used to fine tune and optimize your business or plant processes. The platform can be used to deploy off-line big data applications and real-time monitoring and closed loop control applications.

Griffin has teamed with Taber International to offer custom applications specific to the power industry, such as combustion optimization and intelligent sootblowing.

Griffin Open Systems Toolkit® is ideally suited to optimize NOx and CO per EPA MATS regulations or to improve heat rate to meet EPA 111(d) targets. By installing the Combustion Optimization application developed by Taber utilizing the Griffin Toolkit, users may delay the initial tune-up by up to one year and extend the period between tune-ups from 3 years to 4 years. The Combustion Optimization System (COS) implemented by Taber has a proven track record for reducing NOx while improving control of CO and reducing heat rate. The Knowledge Based Sootblowing application is used for improving heat rate and reducing variance in steam temperatures.

Learn more about our products and services and how they may help you lower the cost of production while enhancing the overall operation of your business. Corporate licenses are offered with a no-repeat fee license and a base maintenance fee, resulting in lower costs as more applications are deployed.


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